Why Choose Us


- Trade credit is the credit extended by one trader to another when the goods and services are bought on credit. Trade credit facilitates the purchase of supplies without immediate payment. Trade credit is commonly used by business organisations as a source of short-term financing. It is granted to those customers who have a reasonable amount of financial standing and goodwill.

- Considering our relations and convenience of our valuable customers We offer Trade credit to our valuable customers as an alternative to prepayment or cash on delivery terms, providing time for the customer to generate income from sales to pay for the product or service.


- Our company enables every conceivable payment method, We help our customers selecting the most convenient payment methods which they already use.

- From a direct bank transfers to payments from all major credit cards. In the end, it all depends on what is convenient and easier for our customers.


- To make it a better purchase experience for our clients trading with us, we have not bounded/limited the material purchase facility till our office, but also includes warehouse direct-buy facility, yes! You read it right. We provide direct-buy facility, where clients can directly visit to our respective warehouse present in the city and buy the materials, saving delivery cost and time.